Thursday, 1 July 2010

In House Importance

The recent death of designer Alexander McQueen got me thinking about how important the head designers are at fashion houses and brands. I know that it's an obvious thought but I only recently thought about it in depth. The fact is, when someone steps down their departure is voluntary and they in many cases will have chosen their successor. The work that the head designer has done to help build that brands identity has not gone to waste as they have some control over the direction in which the brand will be going. The same can not be said when someone passes away.

No two designers are the same. No matter how closely they worked together, even if the come from the same background and studied under the same tutors. Many times when a head designer passes the position goes to their right hand man/woman. This is as dangerous as it is safe. It's good because it's the most logical thing to do, the assistant to the head knows the ropes and how things operate however the success of the brand is at stake if they change the identity even in the slightest. Change is good but as we all know it can be very risky bringing in someone new. Just look at what happened with Emanuel Ungaro when they took on Lindsay Lohan. Ok that's not really a good example but I'm sure you get the picture.
What made me think of all this is that I've just taken on a massive project and my mind often runs rampant when taken off the leash. I can't say to much about the project right now so I'll just end the post here.

The project is actually huge and has the potential to be life changing. I'll let you know more as soon as I can...