Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Who need's love when you have Mulberry?

Recent events in my life have caused me to drastically change my outlook on the aspect of love. I'm not going to divulge to much information but let's just say, it took me too long to realize that my time was being wasted. Anyway, I think I have learned my lesson and I would like to introduce to you the new love of my life...

Isn't he beautiful!

My advice to everyone out there is don't wast your time on falling in love with people. They are not worth it. Find yourself a Mulberry bag instead. At least that way you'll know exactly where you stand!

I did that, and what!

On Tuesday I decided to do a bit of promo work for the magazine...

But if you notice, the SUPER on the left isn't so straight, so...


All in a days work of The Glamorous Man!

This is your glamorous man

I began this week in the studio with the amazing Zach Burns not as a stylist but as a model. Zach is as equally talented in front of the camera as he is behind it. Check out his wicked skills...

As an even trade I will be styling Zach for the September issue of SUPERSUPER. It will be our fashion special and what a special it will be!


All T-shirts by Perfectly Flawed

Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Final Response

So I am leaving my response to that anonymous persons latest comment.

"U know what u can say what u want about me, its cool. i only made the initial comments as a way of you bein able to better yourself, u took in the wrong context, thats your bussiness. Its obviously reallllllly got under your skin for you to have taken 9 minutes out of your obviously BUSY life to record a video blog bout me. so ill put an end to this rubbish right now. lol. cos to be honest i really havent got the time for this shit! but may i just point out one little thing.......funny how NOBODY commented your blog until all of this stupid drama isnt it......10 i must just be fascinating....and you.....well....hmmm.
Mr Anonymous.
P.S if that person was serious about making the tshirts....... Your great!"

First of all, Like I said in the video response, I have plenty of time on my hands. For someone who is so established you seem to have a little too much considering that you keep on reading my blogs and responding. When you say you haven't got time for this shit I assume it's because Russian Vogue has just called you to do some more work. You make the point that nobody commented on my blog before you came along and that is partially true but you can't take all the credit because if you take note you'll see that the blog has only been active for less than a week. I'm not expecting it to suddenly explode with comments. I think that maybe you should go and continue with your "10 Years" in the industry and just leave me to do my thing.

This is going to be my last response to this person simply because as fun as it has been, It is starting to get a little boring. I don't want the whole blog to be about this argument, I do actually have other things to blog about. Unless of course MTV want to do a reality T.V show on our little feud. Then that T-Shirt idea would really be handy for merchandising and all that jazz.

"Nobody Likes a Bitch" - So I guess that means you have no friends!?

I have decided to respond to that Anonymous retard (I know you know the one) in video. I think I managed to get my point across clearly. Lets see if he/she/it is stupid enough to respond to this.

My apologies for the crap quality. I was using my phone to do this.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

"I'm not hating"- Really?

O.K I think I need to let you guys in on a little fact about me. I'm all for constructive criticism however don't patronize me. I am far from stupid and I will blast you if need be. This is a comment that someone left on one of my "SUPERSUPER issue 12" blog....

"Not hating at all. i actually like the shoot alot. but im also a stylist and just have to ask.....why didnt you steam the clothes first??? there are bare creases in the garments. im suprised they chose to run the shots at all if im honest. Its just a bit sloppy. but as i said, i like some of the images on a whole. keep it up. just a bit of constructive criticism i spose....."

I would like to start this blast by saying, I'm the fashion coordinator of the magazine. Why would you be surprised that they printed my shoot. It's not like I have to submit it to a magazine that I have no affiliations with. I work there for goodness sake.

My second point is this. If you were not hating, you wouldn't have posted the comment as anonymous. You would have happily left your name because as far as you are concerned there isn't going to be any hard feelings because your criticism is constructive and purely innocent.

My next point is that you mention in your comment the fact that you are a stylist. So what? Does this then qualify you to critique my work as though you are better than me? I don't mind being criticized but it only makes sense if your work is better than mine. Prove to me that your shit's got it all going on and that I should be grateful that you are blessing me with your words of wisdom. I don't know you so I'm not in a position to say that my work is better than yours. However, I have a permanent outlet for my styling to be published. I'm pretty sure you don't. I have the position that you want. I bet you wish you could do a shoot and be 95% certain that it's going to get used.

Constructive criticism is positive but if we read your comment I think you got a little carried away with the insulting.

"im suprised they chose to run the shots at all if im honest. Its just a bit sloppy"

Hmm. Who is going to read that and think, yes this person really is looking out for me?

And lastly I would like to justify the creases. I just didn't have access to a steamer. I work for SUPERSUPER. Have you not seen our editorials? Nobody ever steams their clothes. It's one of the few constants in the magazine that can be guaranteed.

Thanks for the comment though. I like a bit of controversy. It keeps me going when my adrenaline levels are low.


Get you grammar on lock down before you wanna criticize me. You never heard of spell check?

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Vogue Italia: The Black Issue Scam!

I am livid.

As I type I am trying to ensure that my words make sense. I am trying to ensure that the rage does not totally consume me from within. I am trying to ensure that I don't just throw this already battered laptop down to the ground and scream until my lungs explode. My body is shaking with rage. My soul burns with the fury of a thousand suns. Now let me tell you why...

Vogue Italia has recently released it's All Black issue in which all the models they used in their fashion editorial shoots are black. Rumor has it that when they were deciding on weather or not to go ahead with the issue they concluded that "It'll be our worst selling issue yet" or words to that effect.

Will I be making purchase of this issue of Vogue?


Here's why...When a company issues a "leaked" statement saying "this edition of our product will be our worst selling aver because we only made it so that we can appeal to a minority group" we all know that it will instantly sell very well. It's like when that chick at school said "I'm so ugly that's why nobody wants to be my friend", what she actually wanted was for someone to turn around and tell her that she was really pretty and 9/10 times it worked. In the same way, Vogue Italia has said "leaked" this statement in order to rattle the cages of the unaware and easily influenced. They know that the minute they insult something that they have aimed at the black minority everyone will instantly say "let's prove them wrong, let's show them that it will be the best selling issue ever. Let's all go out and buy it and show them that we are strong and united as a people" and by doing so we have played directly into their hands. It was all part of the plan from the beginning. Did anybody stop to think where, why and how this statement was "leaked"? like I said it was all part of the plan from the very beginning. In big corporations like Vogue, things don't just "leak" out. It's called P.R for a reason and somebody at Vogue is very good at it.

Like the saying goes, "All press is good press"

Just because I'm black doesn't make me stupid. Yes I need to show support for my own kind as such but I'm not going to be emotionally blackmailed into doing it.

I'm not saying don't go and out and buy the magazine however please don't let the reason for your purchase be based on the manipulation and scam. Be smart people.


You'll see that throughout my whole rant I haven't used "I can't read Italian" as an excuses because I can. I just can't speak it or write it.

Monday, 14 July 2008


The current issue of SUPERSUPER sees my debut shoot. I have been a stylist on photo shoots before but never have I been the main creative director behind one until now. On previous occasions I have been a secondary stylist, taking direction from my colleagues but on this shoot, it was all about me.

The shoot was called "No Retreat", there wasn't really an overall theme so I just based everything on what I would wear and the way I would dress. I was pleased with the final edit however there were some shots that didn't quite make it which was a little disappointing.



I think, the ones that were edited out could stand alone in a separate shoot but that's subject to personal opinion. Quite like when your mother tells you that you're beautiful but everyone else clearly doesn't agree...

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Why Am I Here?!

I was on the phone earlier today and the person I was speaking to asked me "Why on earth would you make a blog?". Honestly speaking, I don't even know.

I feel like one of those trend followers, jumping on the hype because everyone else has. I'd been thinking about it for a while but it's only now, I have decided to actually go ahead with it.

I had my blog on Myspace which was good but I felt like it wasn't official enough so here I am. Making my long awaited mark on the interweb.

The Crown has entered