Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Who need's love when you have Mulberry?

Recent events in my life have caused me to drastically change my outlook on the aspect of love. I'm not going to divulge to much information but let's just say, it took me too long to realize that my time was being wasted. Anyway, I think I have learned my lesson and I would like to introduce to you the new love of my life...

Isn't he beautiful!

My advice to everyone out there is don't wast your time on falling in love with people. They are not worth it. Find yourself a Mulberry bag instead. At least that way you'll know exactly where you stand!


  1. ok iam hating on you big time i adore mulberry and that bag and colour is divine the leather looks so soft..... but yea iam seeing super super stickers all over the place must be up to you

  2. wow so cute !! even if im not wearin any bags yet not knowin how to but......

  3. beware! i might jet over and steal your bag! LOVES IT!

  4. Damn I'm jealous. This is the kind of love that never dies, it's the constant honeymoon period kinda love we all crave to go on forerver. A worthy investment.


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