Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Good Old Days...

I was way to young to fully appreciate the greatness of a proper movie poster. When I say proper I mean those hand painted ones from way back in the day...

I'm obsessed with Sci-Fi films, visually they are amazing, particularly the older ones from the 70's 80's and early 90's. Two of my all time favourite films are Flash Gordon and Logan's Run. If you haven't seen both of these films your life really isn't worth living...!

Here's the Flash Gordon trailer...!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Jason of Beverly Hills: Syringe Ring

So I look at this ring and 2 thoughts cross my mind. The first is:
"Oh, what an interesting commentary Jason of Beverly Hills is making on the addictive nature of society". 
The second thought is:

Yeah, it's jewellery like this that makes me crazy! I need my medication!

Jason of Beverly Hills has implemented the concept of loose stones being able to move freely in his pieces on a number of occasions and it's something I believe to be quite innovative.
The Syringe Ring is part of the J.Molinari collection which is a collaboration between Jason Arasheben and Markus Molinari. I have no idea who Markus Molinari is however I can say I am officially jealous of the fact that he has collaborated with my favourite jeweller.

That is all...

Monday, 6 December 2010

Competition time...!!!

Fashion designer and artist Simeon Farrar is launching his new Kate Mouse T-Shirt print and to celebrate he is giving 10 away before they are even available in store. Now, I know just as much as you do that we all love a bit of advanced exclusivity so to be in with a chance of wining one of the 10 unique t-shirts you can do one of 2 things:

Head over to the Facebook Fan Page and click like, then leave a comment with your name Here


Head over to the Twitter Page, click follow and then retweet This Post

5 winners will be chosen from each group of entrants so if you want to double your chances of wining I suggest entering via Facebook and Twitter!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Gender Bender...

So I have never cared much for Rick Owens. His designs always lend to that whole "I'm pretending I'm poor by wearing clothes that look tattered and raggedy but this entire outfit could cover the cost of your rent for 3 months" look and I'm not much of a fan of that and his models always seem to look like 13 year old boys. Anyway his AW10 has got something that I'm kinda lusting after.

So the models above all look relatively normal don't they? Well I say normal but let's face it, if ever you saw a man head to toe in Rick Owens you'd know he was far from normal (in a good way of course) but there's one feature of each outfit that stood out for me.


I want these shoes! I don't know why but I do. They are obviously womens shoes but they are obviously not womens shoes but they obviously are but they obviously are not. I'm confused. Does this mean I want to be a cross dresser. I don't want to have to wear a dress but those snakeskin boots, I'm sure I could pull them off I know could pull them off!

If Lenny Kravitz can do it then so can I!

In the real world there aren't many men that could get away with these. Beside myself, Lenny Kravitz and Prince I can't really think of anyone else.

They are a bit gay though.

Click here to get yours...

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Neil Barrett AW10

I totally condone this. It's like wearing 2 suits in one

Don't let these images mislead you, not everything in the collection is worth looking at however these offerings from Neil Barrett are more than enough to wet any appetite.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A change of Mind...

Everyone is entitled to change their minds. Part of what makes us human is our ability to open our minds to new possibilities. One thing I though I was certain about was the idea of elasticated denim being wrong. To me it was a trend I would have avoided with ease. That is until I cam across these...

I don't know why but I fell in love with them instantly. I can now say that I am a proud owner of a pair of elasticated denim joggers. I often have to tell myself that I can't wear them every day lest everyone think I have no other clothes.

Click here to get yours. It's totally judgement free and only £40

They remind me a little of these Balmain jeans...