Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Jason of Beverly Hills: Syringe Ring

So I look at this ring and 2 thoughts cross my mind. The first is:
"Oh, what an interesting commentary Jason of Beverly Hills is making on the addictive nature of society". 
The second thought is:

Yeah, it's jewellery like this that makes me crazy! I need my medication!

Jason of Beverly Hills has implemented the concept of loose stones being able to move freely in his pieces on a number of occasions and it's something I believe to be quite innovative.
The Syringe Ring is part of the J.Molinari collection which is a collaboration between Jason Arasheben and Markus Molinari. I have no idea who Markus Molinari is however I can say I am officially jealous of the fact that he has collaborated with my favourite jeweller.

That is all...

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