Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Vogue Italia: The Black Issue Scam!

I am livid.

As I type I am trying to ensure that my words make sense. I am trying to ensure that the rage does not totally consume me from within. I am trying to ensure that I don't just throw this already battered laptop down to the ground and scream until my lungs explode. My body is shaking with rage. My soul burns with the fury of a thousand suns. Now let me tell you why...

Vogue Italia has recently released it's All Black issue in which all the models they used in their fashion editorial shoots are black. Rumor has it that when they were deciding on weather or not to go ahead with the issue they concluded that "It'll be our worst selling issue yet" or words to that effect.

Will I be making purchase of this issue of Vogue?


Here's why...When a company issues a "leaked" statement saying "this edition of our product will be our worst selling aver because we only made it so that we can appeal to a minority group" we all know that it will instantly sell very well. It's like when that chick at school said "I'm so ugly that's why nobody wants to be my friend", what she actually wanted was for someone to turn around and tell her that she was really pretty and 9/10 times it worked. In the same way, Vogue Italia has said "leaked" this statement in order to rattle the cages of the unaware and easily influenced. They know that the minute they insult something that they have aimed at the black minority everyone will instantly say "let's prove them wrong, let's show them that it will be the best selling issue ever. Let's all go out and buy it and show them that we are strong and united as a people" and by doing so we have played directly into their hands. It was all part of the plan from the beginning. Did anybody stop to think where, why and how this statement was "leaked"? like I said it was all part of the plan from the very beginning. In big corporations like Vogue, things don't just "leak" out. It's called P.R for a reason and somebody at Vogue is very good at it.

Like the saying goes, "All press is good press"

Just because I'm black doesn't make me stupid. Yes I need to show support for my own kind as such but I'm not going to be emotionally blackmailed into doing it.

I'm not saying don't go and out and buy the magazine however please don't let the reason for your purchase be based on the manipulation and scam. Be smart people.


You'll see that throughout my whole rant I haven't used "I can't read Italian" as an excuses because I can. I just can't speak it or write it.

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  1. I found this post looking for different viewpoints on Italian Vogue " black Issue"

    Thats a really Interesting take on this topic. I hadnt thought about it Like that.


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