Wednesday, 16 July 2008

"I'm not hating"- Really?

O.K I think I need to let you guys in on a little fact about me. I'm all for constructive criticism however don't patronize me. I am far from stupid and I will blast you if need be. This is a comment that someone left on one of my "SUPERSUPER issue 12" blog....

"Not hating at all. i actually like the shoot alot. but im also a stylist and just have to ask.....why didnt you steam the clothes first??? there are bare creases in the garments. im suprised they chose to run the shots at all if im honest. Its just a bit sloppy. but as i said, i like some of the images on a whole. keep it up. just a bit of constructive criticism i spose....."

I would like to start this blast by saying, I'm the fashion coordinator of the magazine. Why would you be surprised that they printed my shoot. It's not like I have to submit it to a magazine that I have no affiliations with. I work there for goodness sake.

My second point is this. If you were not hating, you wouldn't have posted the comment as anonymous. You would have happily left your name because as far as you are concerned there isn't going to be any hard feelings because your criticism is constructive and purely innocent.

My next point is that you mention in your comment the fact that you are a stylist. So what? Does this then qualify you to critique my work as though you are better than me? I don't mind being criticized but it only makes sense if your work is better than mine. Prove to me that your shit's got it all going on and that I should be grateful that you are blessing me with your words of wisdom. I don't know you so I'm not in a position to say that my work is better than yours. However, I have a permanent outlet for my styling to be published. I'm pretty sure you don't. I have the position that you want. I bet you wish you could do a shoot and be 95% certain that it's going to get used.

Constructive criticism is positive but if we read your comment I think you got a little carried away with the insulting.

"im suprised they chose to run the shots at all if im honest. Its just a bit sloppy"

Hmm. Who is going to read that and think, yes this person really is looking out for me?

And lastly I would like to justify the creases. I just didn't have access to a steamer. I work for SUPERSUPER. Have you not seen our editorials? Nobody ever steams their clothes. It's one of the few constants in the magazine that can be guaranteed.

Thanks for the comment though. I like a bit of controversy. It keeps me going when my adrenaline levels are low.


Get you grammar on lock down before you wanna criticize me. You never heard of spell check?


  1. that person who posted that comment was clearly a manic pervert with creases on the brain.... what a twat.

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh this is y y u r my fianceeee lololol


  3. omg!!!


    i love it!!!

    plus who cares...any REAL fashion stylist knows that sometimes things don't have to be son contrived! i think the shoots hot!!!

    keep rising kiddo!


  4. lol, tbh I never noticed the creases. talk about scrutinising.

  5. hahahahaha wow. who would have known that one comment would have got such a reaction....... First of all. if i was in fact HATING and not just trying to offer you some words of wisdom, would i have really BOTHERED to post a comment on your blog. I obviously 1) read your blog and 2) care enough to comment your post......Also i have been workin in the industry for over 10 years having had my work in such publications as russian vogue, pop and ID. so before you go and criticise me, take that into consideration. I seriously did not think that u would be so bothered by my comments as to write a whole new blog about ME. i love it! hillarious! oh and u might wanna think next time before u start slagging off the hand that feeds you, "I work for SUPERSUPER. Have you not seen our editorials? Nobody ever steams their clothes." Its not very proffessional, i know that if you are serious about your future within this industry, nobody likes a bitch, and i certainly wouldnt want anyhing to do with someone who criticises the publication which hired him in the first place...... Not a good look at all. Lastly, i dunno really care if my grammar needs to be checked.......Im a stylist not a journalist....And ill think you will find that as for me HATING, ur comments towards me were alot more damning that the comments i originally made! NO?! have a little think about it....... Hypocrasy maybe??

  6. this has made my day.

    an arguement in pixels and shit.
    well done all.x

  7. Hahahahahaa i totally agree this is just totally amazing....... a full out arguement on the internet....and the thing is i agree with both niyi and anonomous...... lol. but its great. cant wait for the next installment. lol

  8. Oh wow.
    this is fun.
    lol. i agree. war has started no?! lol there should be tshirts..... team niyi and team anonymous. fab. lol.
    i wanna know who anonymous is......kinda slightly strangely fascnating. lol

  9. hahahahahaha WOW ill order 1 of each in an XXSmall please! :-) Want to watch this pan out before i decide which 1 i am wearing. lol

  10. EVERYONE has their right to an opinion........ it is the internet. lol.


"I may not agree with what you say but I'll defend to the death your right to say it".