Saturday, 19 July 2008

"Nobody Likes a Bitch" - So I guess that means you have no friends!?

I have decided to respond to that Anonymous retard (I know you know the one) in video. I think I managed to get my point across clearly. Lets see if he/she/it is stupid enough to respond to this.

My apologies for the crap quality. I was using my phone to do this.


  1. U know what u can say what u want about me, its cool. i only made the initial comments as a way of you bein able to better yourself, u took in the wrong context, thats your bussiness. Its obviously reallllllly got under your skin for you to have taken 9 minutes out of your obviously BUSY life to record a video blog bout me. so ill put an end to this rubbish right now. lol. cos to be honest i really havent got the time for this shit! but may i just point out one little thing.......funny how NOBODY commented your blog until all of this stupid drama isnt it......10 i must just be fascinating....and you.....well....hmmm.
    Mr Anonymous.
    P.S if that person was serious about making the tshirts....... Your great!

  2. HAAA omdz Niyi you are actually the funniest person...that video blog had me laughing soo much...keep it up and i like the way u shot down this mr anonymous person...serves them right for missing with the Crown!

  3. Ive just spent time looking over your blog, and saw this vid response to anonymous, And can I just say for a 19yr old you are very articulate, polite, and far more mature than many 19yr olds.

    And very much more career minded than others of similar age, and have a very creative artistic style, basically far advanced in many perspectives.

    So this persons words are irrelevant as they do not know you therefore cannot judge. Whomever this "industry" person is may or may not mean their words different to however perceived but the fact they commented on you shows you are being noticed.

    Sometimes you do not need to notice people back as it drags you down. That is all :P


"I may not agree with what you say but I'll defend to the death your right to say it".