Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Final Response

So I am leaving my response to that anonymous persons latest comment.

"U know what u can say what u want about me, its cool. i only made the initial comments as a way of you bein able to better yourself, u took in the wrong context, thats your bussiness. Its obviously reallllllly got under your skin for you to have taken 9 minutes out of your obviously BUSY life to record a video blog bout me. so ill put an end to this rubbish right now. lol. cos to be honest i really havent got the time for this shit! but may i just point out one little thing.......funny how NOBODY commented your blog until all of this stupid drama isnt it......10 i must just be fascinating....and you.....well....hmmm.
Mr Anonymous.
P.S if that person was serious about making the tshirts....... Your great!"

First of all, Like I said in the video response, I have plenty of time on my hands. For someone who is so established you seem to have a little too much considering that you keep on reading my blogs and responding. When you say you haven't got time for this shit I assume it's because Russian Vogue has just called you to do some more work. You make the point that nobody commented on my blog before you came along and that is partially true but you can't take all the credit because if you take note you'll see that the blog has only been active for less than a week. I'm not expecting it to suddenly explode with comments. I think that maybe you should go and continue with your "10 Years" in the industry and just leave me to do my thing.

This is going to be my last response to this person simply because as fun as it has been, It is starting to get a little boring. I don't want the whole blog to be about this argument, I do actually have other things to blog about. Unless of course MTV want to do a reality T.V show on our little feud. Then that T-Shirt idea would really be handy for merchandising and all that jazz.

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