Saturday, 8 November 2008

The innocence of a child

I spent most of today with my siblings. Christian is my 6 year old brother and Anike is my 11 year old sister. Here's how one of many conversations went.

Christian: Niyi, Anike is crying.
Christian: I don't know, She's always crying.
Niyi: She's such a baby.
Christian: Maybe her diaper is dirty.
Niyi: Maybe she's hungry.
Christian: I think she want's breast milk.

(Gets up into Anike's face)

Christian: Do you want some breast milk?
Anike: Leave me alone!
Christian: Niyi I don't think she wants any breast milk
Niyi: Hahahaha
Christian: Hahahaha
Niyi: Let's watch Ben 10.
Christian: ok.

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  1. I want more of these please! This is an amazing story, the innocence of childrens is funny!
    Love u Mr.Crown


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