Saturday, 14 February 2009

Vicious Gold Belt by Money SevenFifty

I know that sometimes I post things on my blog that arent really worth shouting about. Some of the products I endorse really aren't worth their own weight in gold however today this is not the case. With over half a Kilogram of gold being used in the production of this belt I don't think I would ever want anything else holding up my jeans. With each piece of gold being hand crafted by Youssef Hakimi the Hatton Garden jeweller this belt really is something to shout about.

All assembled work is handled by Wendys of London- the original suppliers of studded belts to the Sex Pistols, each belt is signed by Paul Cook (drummer of the sex pistols). If I had £20,000 I would so definitely get one and you know it.

Click Here for more information about the Vicious Gold Belt.


  1. SHOUT. That is one sexy belt :)

  2. Oh gosh...
    I think this is one of the wonderful belt i've ever seen here on earth..=)
    Nice blog huh?!

  3. eeeeeeeeee!

    i think i have died and gone to heaven! i would wear no other belt again i swear to you!


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