Saturday, 29 August 2009

Dimitri Stavrou - A sartorial king

Way back in January I wrote a post about the London College of Fashion MA graduate show and mentioned that Dimitri Stavrou would be one to keep an eye out for. Well, now I have some images for you all to see exactly how amazing his work is.

He even caught the attention of boot makers Dr Martins and has done a collaboration with them to coincide with his collection...

Dimitris' attention to detail and creative vision truly are inspiring. I was able to try on some of his pieces and believe me when I say never has a jacket made me feel so good about my body. The fits are immaculate.

I expect Dimitrs' future to be bright and shiny and extremely well tailored.


  1. I wonder if he can tailor some mens shirts to re-invent the fashion wheel!

  2. What's with the boots?? Isn't it a bit dangerous stepping onto one of those frills?


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