Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Palladium Boots: Then and Now

Lets take a short trip into the past, I'm thinking about 1920. A company called Palladium was founded as a manufacturer of aircraft tires for the aviation industry. Fast forward to 1939 and business is booming what with the world being at war and everything. Over the next 6 years Palladium are practically raking it in that is until about May 1945 when the war ended. Over the next 2 years the Demand for Palladium tires slowly began declining so they head guys at the company decide that rather than going bankrupt they'll put their expert knowledge in rubber and canvas to another use. And thus Palladium was reborn as a boot maker.

Known for being hard wearing (the soles of the boots are made using the same rubber as the tires) and for providing the French Foreign Legion with their signature Pampa boot, Palladium have somehow managed to make themselves even more relevant in terms of style and practicality.

Available at Size?

Last week I went to the launch party at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch where I lost yet another brooch. I'm way to traumatized to go into the details of how I lost it. Just know that it was made using a vintage brass lion taken from a 15 year old belt, 24k gold coated stingray skin (yes the fish) and Swarovski crystals. I made it by myself by hand. The only consolation being that there are a pair of Palladium boots on their way to me as we speak.


  1. that's dreadful. i once lost a mega one on a night out. and worse still i didn't realise for months until i was looking for the coat. the horror

  2. Oh no, you lost the coat too? That's terrible. Kinda makes you wish you hadn't put it on that night. I'm always loosing jewels.


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