Sunday, 21 March 2010

Summer is here...

Ok so that's a lie but I really need it to be here because I want a new wardrobe / to renew the wearing of some of my old clothes from 4 summers ago. When I was younger I used to hate summer because I never knew how to dress for it. I always preferred winter as I could use layers. I could pile on the fur, the gloves, the scarves, the boots. Winter was an excuse to use practically every accessory under the sun. But summer, summer was evil! Summer was the season that was there only to make those of us who didn't have great bodies feel inadequate. If you didn't have the abs and arms of a swimmer then you must refrain from removing your shirt and If you didn't have the legs of a runner then no shorts for you!

Things have changed now. Not that my body now looks any more muscular because it doesn't. My legs are still as thin as twigs but I actually don't give a shit anymore. Like really, I want to wear shorts and vests so I am going to wear shorts and vests and I will fight any mother fucker that tells me I'm to skinny to do so!

And on that note I present to you Franks!

Not only are they shorts, but they are proper shorts! This summer is apparently going to be one of the hottest this country has ever seen and I refuse to sweat! They cost £55 and you can get them from ASOS. We don't really have beaches in London so I'm just going to have to make do with the streets. I will be the envy of SE1!

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  1. Bet your legs ain't as skinny as mine... hehe... Glad you're back - don't leave it another 6 weeks. You've been warned.


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