Tuesday, 13 April 2010

London Fashion Week AW 10 Menswear Round Up: Pt1

I know it's been ages but I completely forgot to mention that I attended London Fashion Week back in February. Apart from Basso&Brook the only shows I attended were the menswear shows which were all on the last day. It's nice to see that menswear is finally being taken seriously somewhat in London. It still isn't at the point it needs to be but the transition has begun and I am excited to see what is in store for next season...

Jaiden RVA James

I've witnessed these guys grow from just two kids doing the rounds on the London fashion scene to becoming fully fledge designers and all in the space of a few years. Showing at MAN this season they've brought quite a Gothic, S&M feel to menswear. With lots of leather, fur and bondage this collection is quite Dolce&Gabbanna-esq, just with more sex. Bondage aside, if you take a look at the individual pieces they scream genuine, luxurious glamour. The fur trimmed jackets and leather shirts will be a favourite amongst Russian Mafia types and let's face it, the Mafia aesthetic is one that is quite aspirational...

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  1. The attention to detail and texture is incredible. It's nice to see such extravagance in menswear.
    snappy x


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