Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Poor Mans Rolex... LTD Watches

I won't lie. I have never been a fan of UK watch makers LTD Watches. I've always found their watches to be quite tacky in style and feel. They are know for their brightly coloured plastic watches which in my opinion were a cheap knock off of the Italian brand Toy Watch (blog post soon to follow) and were way to light to be reputable so I am pleased to see that they are finally doing something different. The steel collection is basically a well put together interpretation of the Rolex Submariner. Tasteful, classy and most importantly affordable. The idea of wearing a copy of a Rolex shouldn't act as a deterrence. The Submariner is such a classic that to successfully imitate it is something of a skill.

The watch is waterproof and at £85 it's most definitely a steel steal.

Soon to be available at all LTD Stockists

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