Monday, 28 June 2010

Balmain SS11

Here is my take on the menswear collection from Balmain...

It's almost offensive that Balmain is able to charge the most obscene prices and get away with it when there is no form of inovation being expressed. The styling is paltry and very little creativity has been exerted to produce this collection.

To cut a long story short, this collection is impressing nobody. To quote Suzy Menkes of the New York Times "Even if he wants to turn his back on formal wear, Mr. Decarnin needs to look forward, rather than back to those familiar rebel years." This is just the tip of the iceberg. Quoting Kevin of "Refresh, reinvent, inspire... it's how you stay fresh in this cut throat and ever evolving industry. How many pairs of biker jeans do you want us to stock in our closets? How many biker jackets, combat boots and 'moth hole' ridden t-shirts can we own?" These being the nicest comments I have found thus far I can't imagine the journalistic respons to be a positive one and in all honesty I agree with both statements.

The previous collections from Balmain Homme were allong these lines but it was fine because they were doing something new. Here we have the same laziness that has been killing menswear for decades. Considering how inspiring the womenswear collections have been I dont think it's unfair to expect more.

I will say that I could totally get down with those silver jeans and that grey blazer though the models fail to do them justice...
This isn't the whole collection but it's the best of the collection.

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