Friday, 22 August 2008

I would learn to drive if you bought me an M1

To say I'm not into cars would be a lie. I am. I love them but not for the same reasons as most car lovers. I don't give a shit about top speed and miles per gallon. It's all just statistical bollocks. All I really care about is; how good it looks and how much it costs.

Now, I cannot drive. I have no intention on learning to drive. I believe that driving is for drivers and I have chosen a different profession. However, there are a small number of cars that I would learn to drive simply to justify the purchase of them. The BMW M1 was never on that list.

Look at it, in it's original form it is as far from sexy as one can be...

Not even the M1 Turbo does anything to entice me

I wouldn't even put on a pair of driving gloves for either of those versions. The latest version however does a very good job in redeeming the M1 name. So much so that I would gleefully part with any amount of money if it meant I could just be seen in this car talk less of actually driving it. It's called the M1 Homage. It stays true to the original style of the M1 but as you will see it exudes sex appeal from every curve and corner.

Take A Look...

At the end of the day It looks hot and it's fully functional. That's all that matters to me!

I wanna be a bad boy racer!


  1. Just so you are aware the M1 Homage is a concept car and production hasn't even been hinted as yet. If your going to make a nonsensical point that driving is for drivers and you have chosen a different profession; making it sound like driving is a career choice, at least choose a car that is in production to be the car that you would like to be seen in.

  2. I would just like to say

    "FUCK YOU"

    Thanks for crushing the dreams of a blissfully ignorant child.

    I will forever live my life being transported by TFL, no thanks to you Miss Anonymous.

    Niyi Crown
    The Glamorous Man.

  3. OH MY DAYZ!! that mr or Miss Anonymous is a dick! like thats the point of anything!

    its a kick arse car!


    seriously that is one hot car!
    do u think they can make hot pink!

    love ya xoxo

  4. oh forget anonymous, i'll get you one..

  5. the anonymous are jealous people !! dont pay attention !

  6. funniest comment forum ever! Love your blog niyi! just saw your comment on mine...we should exchange links. let me know if you're down!


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