Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Another Glamorous Man

I have made an unbelievable discovery. I am not the only Glamorous Man left in existence. The numbers of my people are no longer dwindling. Recently I have come across a number of them all over the world. The American ambassador of Glamorous men to my knowledge has go to be Fonzworth Bentley.

Fonzworth is a hip hop artist, but is best know for being the personal assistant to Mr Sean "Diddy" Combs. He also has a reality t.v program on MTV called "From G's To Gents"
which features 14 gangsters who are willing to change their lives and become fully fledged gentlemen (a concept that I support 100%).

Mr Bentley in my books helps to epitomize The Glamorous Man with his very unique sartorial flare. It impresses me even more that I am praising the style of an American man. Everybody knows that Americans don't dress well without some sort of European influence however Mr Bentley seems to have struck stylistic gold.

American men should take note of this man's style.

"He's got it goin on"


  1. oh yeah he has a great style but what about pharell ?

  2. Don't worry I will talk about Pharrell in September. I have a special surprise for you all.

  3. yeah he does have great style

  4. hes ok .. alittle to much like that outcast fella!

    and im so over pharell.. hes no fashion icon! hes just the only one who tryes..

    Niyi has better style then both of em put together!

    and so much more class!!


  5. he is the ishhh and g's to gents is a good show
    they should do that down in london mate

  6. If they did a "From G's to Gents" in the U.K I would so have to be the presenter.

    Not up for questioning! I'm gonna call Claire at MTV Right now.


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