Saturday, 13 September 2008

It's the choice I have made!

Something has happend and now my mood has been ruined. Over the past few months I have not been in a stable state of mind so the number of explosive outbursts has increased. The potential for burnt bridges and hard feelins has also increased by a considerable amount.

Now. I have always been taught that there is a very big difference between severe dislike and sheer hate. To dislike someone is normal. It is an emotion based on your opinions. There's nothing wrong with it. Hate however is a decision that you make. You may not choose to like or dislike someone but you can choose weather or not you hate them.

I feel that there are some people who do nothing to stem any feelings of hatred that may be sent their way. It's like they go out of their way to continually piss you off and press the buttons that they are fully aware they are pressing. It's as though they not only take pleasure from bathing in your negative feelings but they can't live without making your life a misery.

Right now my life is a misery

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