Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Shameless Advertising!


Nobody has any money. Myself included so I have decided to flog my wares on Ebay, the answer to all our prayers.

Click here to buy!

There is the link now give me your money!

I know it is very shameless of me to be advertising my Ebay goods on here but this is my blog after all. I'll do with it what I will.


  1. sell the puma's for a tiny bit more they are getting harder to find :D

  2. I got them as a press gift so any bit of money is good enough for me.

  3. man uve officially got me into a bad habbit...
    after reading this post when it came out i have become obsessed with ebay. i have joined the bidding wars in many items.... although imfinding more and more decent items land on my front door step i seem to have found my bank balance seriously dented!!!
    Peace.... G.iN.G x

  4. I'm selling this stuff so that I can buy more stuff! It's just one big Ebay cycle.


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