Sunday, 7 September 2008

That boy is so sexy; NO HOMO!

Ok so I do not by any means profess to be some sort of cultural expert nor do I claim to have the tightest grasp on modern day slang. I no long stay true to my "Rude Boi" roots. I no longer wear my Nike jogging bottoms down by my knees. I no longer "Draw chicks on a reg's". I no longer "Rep my Endz" like I used to. I no longer keep my "shank" in my left sock and I do not find myself in a position where I need to "Hold it down" so please forgive me if I am being a little rash when I say something has gone seriously wrong.

I just don't understand it when a lot of these boys use the phrase "No Homo" at the end of a scentance. I know exactly what it means but I wonder, is it truly necessary.

Sombody was talking to me and they decided to use the phrase during the conversation and it mad me think the following:

"I don't recall questioning your sexuality at any point in this conversation so why have you brought it up? I don't remember calling you gay either so why do you feel the need to deny something that you have not even been acused of?"

This is my conclusion. If you feel to deny something that you have not been accused of it is clearly because you have a guilty consience. In the same way, if you feel to proclaim "No Homo" it must be because you are sure that somebody will think that you are gay. It's like you're trying to convince yourself that the thoughts you are having don't mean anything. I'm not referring to sexual thoughts either. When you speak if the only thing in your subconscious mind is to deny homosexuality then surely something is up. It's like your using "No Homo" as an excuse to do and say anything that would under normal circumstances constitute homosexuality which in my oppinion is the gayest thing one can do.

Anyway I'm not gonna go on to much about these faggots that need to come out of the closet. Here are some videos that I need you to watch. These videos will help to explain my point a lot better than I have done...

This next one is a little longer but it is so funny...

It kinda makes you think about all the huge rappers out there that use the phrase on a regular basis.

No Homo!


  1. this is dumb... so u can be saying all this junk and put no homo and its all kl.. kmt, na im gay and i wouldnt say half the things these losers say!!

    ill let u ram me hard.. no homo.. so ur going to let him fuck u but ur not gay! are u in the army? i really dont get it when "straight" men sleep with other men and class it as not homosexual .. just because u fuck a woman, trust me its a different ball game fucking a man!

    but what do i knw.. im no homo

  2. people say no homo after they say the most homosexual shit lol

  3. I am SO happy in the way you executed that blog, couldn't have said it any better. Boys need to stop tryna 'keep it real' and actualli man up. If you're not a homo then why say anything? And what exactli is wrong if you appreciate attributes of another man? Those are the REAL men, anyone else just needs to re-evaluate themselves!


"I may not agree with what you say but I'll defend to the death your right to say it".