Sunday, 5 October 2008

Photographic Leagends (who aren't called David LaChapelle) pt1

His name is Rick Day. He is based in New York.

If money wasn't an issue I would send a jet to pick him up and fly him over here just so that I could work with him. Rick day has a distinctive style of photography that truly does inspire. Every image he creates is so perfectly composed as though each shot were an individual work of art. From the razor sharp styling to the perfectly cast models there are no faults to be found.

Just see for yourself...

(I've featured the boiler suit below in issues 12 and 13 of SUPERSUPER;-)

I would jump like a rabid dog at any opportunity to work with such an amazing photographer. His style would be a perfect fit for the Glamorous Man aesthetic. Click Here to see more of his work.

All images copyright of RICKDAYNYC

I love his work so much that I often use it as a reference and inspiration for my own.

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  1. WHAT !!!!

    there are other photographers other then David LaChapelle?!?!?

    DAMN DOG..


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