Monday, 24 November 2008

It's all Fine and Dandy

Dandy - a man who places particular importance upon physical appearance, refined language, and leisurely hobbies.

I stumbled upon an amazing online store a few days ago It's called Fine and Dandy Shop and believe me when I say the things stocked there are exactly that.

There are certain things one must be in possession of in order to qualify as a Glamorous Man. With regards to ones chosen attire the Fine and Dandy Shop seems to have all of our backs covered, Just take a look...

Bow Ties
(This is what a real bow tie looks like before it has been tied. None of that clip on nonsense)
Brim Hats

Pocket Squares
(If you think that this is a handkerchief then sadly you are in the wrong place)

Silk Scarves
(You ain't got glamour till you got one of these)

Tie Pins
Charles Henry, the owner of the site has sourced much much more. This is only a very small selection of what is for sale, and with prices as low as his I implore you to purchase more than one colour way in each item.

While you are there why don't you check out the
Fine And Dandy Blog


  1. Now that is a store that is made for you Mr Glam!

  2. gonna have be be a clip on... tried tying a bow tie once even following instructions on you tube ...put it this way i was late and wore a tie


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