Friday, 26 December 2008

When he hits the chorus...

His name is Austin Drage.
He can sing so so well.
I need this guy to make an album.
(The last note was a bit off)
There are few people I would swap voices with he makes it to the top of that list.



  1. He's great!
    He has a band The Cameron. They play soul/rock/blues/jazz/funky stuff. He's a musician,Austin can play guitar and drums and also he's a songwriter. They want to release a single in March and they're writing an original material at the moment.
    Good luck Austin and The Cameron :)

  2. You seem to know an awful lot about Austin. If you are him or you know him, tell him to email me!

  3. Nahh he warbles too much, Alexandra was more than a worthy winner, though yes I would similarly swap vocal cords with the fella...

  4. Oh god. According to watching this audition again, I still have the biggest love affair with that mans voice.


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