Friday, 6 February 2009

The only Womenswear I will bring you...

I have an appreciation for things that I am unable to do. I love seeing people with talents and abilities that I do not posses. Bellow are some illustrations by my good friend Nadia El Meallem.

I can see there are mixed mediums in these pieces of art which I find quite impressive. I'm slightly jealous. If I was able to do stuff like this maybe I would have passed my course in college. Maybe life would just be nicer. Who knows.

Anyway, well done Nadia.


  1. definitely gorgeous ! nice work

  2. these r the most basic thing u can do on adobe photoshop.. takes alot more impress. did she even design the clothes she "traces" over.

  3. Here we go with another gutless anonymous nasty. The point wasn't weather it was basic or not but the simple fact that I can't do it.

    Simple really. Don't hate because I haven't featured your work. Just send me an email and if it's good enough I'll feature it.


  4. Bloody hell Nads, didn't realise how talented you are, Well done girl!! lol Katie xxx

  5. urgh anon is so clearly not an artist. whatever.

    anyyyyyyyyyyways as i was going to say

    her work is amazing! i love it mixed media is my fav but she does it so subtly. very nice indeedy!

  6. p.s yes. i am your new blogger fan....i will be back.


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