Thursday, 12 February 2009

Your shirt, Your way

So I recently came across something pretty unique. In fact it's so unique I think I may even pony up and drop some cash for a few of this product myself and I know you know how much I don't like doing that but seriously, it would be worth it.

Shirts My Way is basically like Nike ID but for dress shirts instead. Every single detail is catered for, even down to the colour of the stitching used on the button holes can be customized. I don't want to sound like a cleashay but the possibilities really are endless. There's a wide selection of fabrics to choose from which may pose a bit of a problem when deciding weather you want the collar to be in "German Rail" while the cuffs are in Royal Blue or the other way around. If you want epaulets then you can have epaulets. If you want your initials monogrammed on the cuffs then you can have that too. The inside of the collar can be a completely different fabric to the outside if you want. It truly is your shirt, your way. If it can be done then you can do it. Here are some examples

As you can see on the examples below your designs will be rendered on a 3D model which is pretty cool.

The examples above are pretty civilised but I really do encourage you to be as outlandish as you possibly can. It's the only opportunity you will get to do so.

Get your
custom dress shirts here.

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