Friday, 13 March 2009

Aspire to Aspinal

I love bags. It's a fact. I know you know it and I'm never gonna deny it. The one problem I have is the fact that I literally have no money. As in, if I open my wallet now I will see the same 3 pennies that have been there for the past month. What pains me even more is when I see items like these. The St Tropez Cabin bag by Aspinal of London is absolutely stunning. It's that purple Moc Crock Calf Leather that has literally got me drooling.

I know it aint no Swag Bag but I'll take it!

It's most certainly a steal at only £495 and you can even have it personlized with your initials for free.

Click here for yours.

Aspinal of London are known for the quality of their products. You would be forgiven for thinking that as a brand they had been around for at least 150 years however this is not the case. Aspinal of London is a fairly new company. They've only been around for about 6 years but they have somehow managed to capture the true essence of English heritage in every single one of their products. They seem to ooze luxury from every possible angle it makes me want to cry.

The perfect accessory to compliment that bag would be these cobalt blue Fingerless Driving Gloves. I don't really want to talk about them because I feel that my words are really unnecessary but they are made from the softest Italian Nappa Leather so you can just imagine how great they feel and they only cost £79.
It's good to see genuine luxury at prices that are aspirational but not outrageous. I hate it when products are priced because of their label as opposed to the quality of the item and the time spent on it's production.


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