Sunday, 15 March 2009

Fancy footwork pt2

I only own 2 pairs of K-Swiss trainers, both of them are white and both of them are limited editions.

1. K-Swiss and Fake London
2. K-Swiss and Julia Hederus

As you can see both pairs are quite dirty and a little battered but that's because I wear them both on a regular basis. Just because I can't replace them doesn't mean I'm not going to wear them.


  1. I love the ones on the left! How original!


  2. i hope you dont mind::

  3. Oh wow!
    Great stuff, i like the last one.;D
    Very unique..;D
    I hope you could visit my blog too.;D
    Have a nice day.

  4. The ones on the left are awesome...if i had em i'd wear em till the last strap of leather wears off :o)

  5. Love the second shoes.Nice post.=)


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