Friday, 17 April 2009

A quote I found today...

They told me to stop this spoilt brat bullshit and just learn to drive. I said, there's no point. I wouldn't be seen dead in the drivers side of an Arnage.

An official Niyi Crown quote.


  1. Wonderful quote..;D
    Looking forward on your next post friend.;D

  2. Hey boyfriend I came accross u today via facebook somehow and I love ur blog.. mainly as there arent many fashion folk into hip hop (I saw the $bag, bentley etc..) as myself. Anyway just wanted 2 say cool! as I like it when random people send me messages. I have my own site www.sophyrobson/blog and I actually nicked one of the pics of Jon K from u but Im sure u dont mind as Im sure u didnt legaly obtain publishing rights Ha ha. So if u are interested have a look.
    Keep up good work. Peace. x sophy

  3. hi there.. nice post.. thanks for sharing!

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