Friday, 17 July 2009

Return of The Crown

Ladies and gentlemen I feel as though I owe you all an apology. For the past few months I have not been fulfilling my duties to you as an advocate of glamour. I can imagine you are all probably unimpressed with my lack of updates and for this I am truely sorry.

But fear not for I am back. After a journey of self discovery I have returned and I promise you, the next time I decide to go on hiatus, I will let you all know.

I bet you're wondering what I've been up to all this time. Patience my dear disciples, I'll let you know over the next few posts. In the mean time I would like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine.

Marie Absolom photograpy

Marie and I have worked together on 2 occasions now (and there will be many more in the future) She's a very talented photographer, below are some examples of what we did.

Click Here for more of her work.

Yeah I know there's some womenswear in there. I tried to slip it in without anyone noticing but it just wasn't gonna happen. The truth is that I have opened up my spectrum of work to the fairer sex. Why? Because the money is fucking great! That's why!

Stay tuned for the next instalment of Return of the crown

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