Friday, 24 July 2009


In no way am I trying to run any kind of comentary on the whole Chriannah situation because quite frankly it's none of my buisness. He hit her and I'm sure he's sorry.

Now onto more important matters...

I'm guessing this is his retail therapy. You know, considering all the stress he's been under and all that jazz. At $300,000 I sure hope it works. I know it would for me.

This spectacular piece was created by Jason of Beverly Hills who is known throughout the Hip-Hop community for his work. In fact, a few of his pieces were featured in the Hip-Hop Crown Jewels auction at the Philips De Purey gallery in New York last year including that infamous Crunk Ain't Dead necklace previously owned by Lil Jon.

In case you were wondering exactly how big this guys name is, well he even made a necklace for Michael Jackson.

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  1. This is lovely. I'm actually feeling this collection.


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