Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Battle of the sexes...

When it comes to accessories I believe that it's easy to blur the line that separates those made for men and those made for women. I also encourage men to do it. I think that our options though they may be widening are still somewhat limited but should we choose to take the bold step we can open up a door of endless possibilities without loosing our masculinity. Take this bracelet for example...

Made in LA by a brand called CC Skye, if worn correctly could give off the impression of an acute sense of style should a man choose to wear it. It's that adventurous combination of gold screws with the python skin that makes it work so well.

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In this day and age men shouldn't be afraid be bolder in their chosen attire. I'm not saying all men should be wearing Cesare Paciotti ankle boots with their 3 piece suits (unless of course that's your thing) but I think a little more sartorial freedom is needed to make things a bit more interesting. The idea of taking something that was made for a woman and wearing it would probably sounds a little tranny-esque to a lot of men but when done correctly the outcome can be quite impressive.
This to me is what defines the idea of a Glamorous Man

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