Monday, 29 March 2010

3rd Time Lucky?

The problem with being an alcoholic party animal that wears fabulous things is that sometimes when doing the things that alcoholic party animals do, clothes and accessories can get lost or damaged. I know this from first hand experience.
Isn't this a beautiful brooch?
So far I have been a proud owner of 2 of these. One in green crystals and the other in black. Both of which have been lost due to my drunken antics. The first was lost in September 2008 during London Fashion Week. Don't ask me how because I haven't got a clue. Just know that somebody else is walking around with my brooch. The second was lost in February 2009 again during London Fashion Week. It doesn't take a genius to notice the trend that I am cursed to forever loose this beautiful piece should I ever be in possession of one.

This makes me ask the question should I buy do I deserve another one? Maybe this time I will be more careful. The chances are slim seeing as my alcohol consumption has gone up 10 fold in the past 6 months.

Click here to get yours from Liberty of London. It only costs £95.

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