Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Why Are Your Luxuries Important?

Before understanding why luxury products are of importance we must first understand what they are. People often just assume that something is of a luxurious nature without actually taking the time to consider what makes it so. The general idea is that the higher end brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton are luxury brands because they are expensive and their products are bought by the affluent but it goes much deeper than that. To the well heeled, a Louis Vuitton bag or shirt is a basic standard. For someone who is used to spending upwards of £1000 on a daily basis these kind of items wouldn’t be considered a luxury purchases. In the same way that for the average consumer a pair of £50 shoes from ASOS would not be considered a luxury purchase. The fact is that luxury is circumstantial. There is no benchmark or system of regulation that dictates when something is or is not a luxury item. This is as good as it is bad because many times we will witness the use of the word in a place it should not be. For example, in the local supermarket when buying toilet roll. The word luxury is often used to boost sales by conveying a sense of quality and because unsuspecting consumers don’t fully understand what luxury is they fall victim to the ploy. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t even have anything to do with the quality of the goods. In reality luxury is about emotion. It’s about how something makes you feel. For example, when you walk into a store and you try on those £300 shoes and you feel like you could walk a million miles that’s luxury. Even if the shoes cost £30, if they have the power to invoke that kind of emotion and you know that it wouldn’t normally be an everyday purchase then to you that’s a luxury.
Now, all superficial reasoning aside, the reason these types of products hold importance to the average consumer is because of this very emotion. A primary example is a wedding day. The reason a man will spend so much money on having a suite made to measure is because when he wears that suit he feels invincible. That suite becomes his armor effectively boosting his confidence and making for a smooth running day. This applies to anything considered a luxury. That “special feeling” is such a necessity and should never be overlooked. It’s not everyday that everyone can afford to by everything but the day you do find that one item that sets your heart racing, don’t ignore it. There’s a reason for those palpitations. That is your luxury…

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