Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Are You Part New Era?

Around this time last year I was on a shoot for New Era the ever popular cap brand. I was on the shoot not as a stylist but as a model for their newly launched SS 09 apparel look book.

Check it out...

Niyi Crown for New Era
Niyi Crown for New Era
New Era featuring Niyi Crown
New Era featuring Niyi Crown
New Era featuring Niyi Crown
It was a wicked day of shooting, I had a serious amount of fun. The shoot did run on for a very long time but I made some good friends on the day so it was well worth it (And I was being paid). You may have noticed in the group shots my guy Raphaël D'Ascenzo working his stuff too.

Promotional Video

Interview with Walé Adeyemi

I also did the advertising campaign for their hats which was featured on their website, in iD magazine, SuperSuper and various other places.

My New Era Interview

Another promotional Video

There is a huge poster of the group shot in the New Era flagship store and the only reason I go in there is to look at it. My picture is even on some promotional postcards in the store. Make no mistake, I have 20. I think I may use them for sigining autographs...

...Or not


  1. S'up Niyi. Nice blog! I see you follow Money Clothing too. I wish they'd let people comment on their shit, it's so cool.

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  2. o Niyi u r so foine !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Niyi is big in the gaaaame!


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