Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Bape Date

So last week saw the re-opening of the Bape store right here in London. For some reason it closed down, I'm not going into the details, there's no need for gossip. The main point is that it's back and all is well...

The launch party was last Friday, it was wicked. Not only one of the best industry parties I've ever been to but most probably one of the best parties I've been to in general (Yeah I know I should get out more but I'm too glamorous for that). It was good to see Pharrell again after a whole year and Mark Ronson was spinning some of the baddest tunes. I don't have any pictures from the party but I can say it was packed like some kind of house rave. To be honest all I remember is arriving at 11:30 (walking straight in, I don't do ques. You should know that already) and 4 Mojito's, 2 Martini's, a Sambuca shot and a glass of champagne later I was sitting on the curb at 3:30 in the morning throwing up diamonds while my date was trying to drag me to the nearest McDonalds which by the way was closed, I was way too drunk to be as furious as I should have been. Everything else about that night is a bit of a blur.

Fun times!

Come to think of it I do remember quite a bit about the party. All I'm saying is "scandalous".

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