Monday, 20 July 2009

Return of The Crown Pt2 - My Flaws are Perfect

As you are all aware I've only just started updating my blog again. As promised I have come to tell you what I have been up to in my absence. So you all know Perfectly Flawed right? What? You don't? O.K well it's one of the coolest brands to come out of London this side of the millennium. Quite frankly there's no excuse not to know. Anyway, I got my modelling face on for the SS09 collection and all I can say is, damn I look good.

Niyi Crown The Glamorous Man
Niyi Crown The Glamorous Man
Niyi Crown The Glamorous Man
Perfectly Flawed featuring Niyi Crown
The thing about Perfectly Flawed is the work that goes into the design process is actually immense. Each garment is hand printed in London so you can be guaranteed that every product has been personally inspected for quality by the designer himself and everything is limited edition. Let's be real, Perfectly Flawed is a hot brand. The T-shirts are hot, the vests are hot the tracksuits are hot. There's no reason not to own something from there. Click here for the online store.

I literally live in the stuff I love it that much.

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