Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Soulja Boy Tell'em

People seem to throw a lot of shade in the direction of Soulja boy, I think he's great. Excellent businesses man, creative musician and an all round fun guy. I've heard people say that he killed hip-hop with his nursery rhyme rap songs, they call his music childish and distasteful but what people forget is that when he first popped on the scene, he was a child. What more did people expect from a 17 year old? Well now that he is 19 nothing has changed. Even his jewellery collection reflects his youthful nature.

What do you see?

Soulja Boy Jewellery at The Glamorous Man
Yes...That is a remote controlled diomond encrusted Lamborghini pendant. Created for the rapper by the tallented Jason of Beverly Hills who you may remember is responsible for Chris Browns Oops necklace. When not being worn as a necklace it can be driven around till ones heart is content.


Also note the amazingness of his rings. I just thought I would point that out.

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