Friday, 17 April 2009

A quote I found today...

They told me to stop this spoilt brat bullshit and just learn to drive. I said, there's no point. I wouldn't be seen dead in the drivers side of an Arnage.

An official Niyi Crown quote.

Friday, 10 April 2009

A quote I found today...

It's a simple thing called supply and demand. When you're selling your swagger for a living you need to make sure you've got enough to go around.

An official Niyi Crown quote.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

I was styling from the dot!

This is the first thing I ever did as a stylist. I worked with photographer Ian Cole almost 2 years ago and to this day it stands as one of my proudest pieces of work.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Are You Part New Era?

Around this time last year I was on a shoot for New Era the ever popular cap brand. I was on the shoot not as a stylist but as a model for their newly launched SS 09 apparel look book.

Check it out...

Niyi Crown for New Era
Niyi Crown for New Era
New Era featuring Niyi Crown
New Era featuring Niyi Crown
New Era featuring Niyi Crown
It was a wicked day of shooting, I had a serious amount of fun. The shoot did run on for a very long time but I made some good friends on the day so it was well worth it (And I was being paid). You may have noticed in the group shots my guy Raphaël D'Ascenzo working his stuff too.

Promotional Video

Interview with Walé Adeyemi

I also did the advertising campaign for their hats which was featured on their website, in iD magazine, SuperSuper and various other places.

My New Era Interview

Another promotional Video

There is a huge poster of the group shot in the New Era flagship store and the only reason I go in there is to look at it. My picture is even on some promotional postcards in the store. Make no mistake, I have 20. I think I may use them for sigining autographs...

...Or not

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Oh Mr Crown...

Check it out. Me in a Basso & Brooke coat outside a Uniqlo party last year.

The image was featured on the Street Peeper website. Some of the comments are absolutely hilarious. The way I see it is; as long as I exercise the right to wear what I want, others should feel free to exercise their right to say what they want (not a single one of them is paying my bills so why should I give a damn).

The best comment by far is the one from Raluca I nearly died with reading it. Check out her blog if you're up for a good laugh.

RWD February 09

I should have posted this ages ago but I have been a bit busy of late so I apologize for the tardiness. Back in January I styled and directed the fashion shoot for the February issue of London based music magazine RWD (pronounced rewind in case you don't know). It was an honour to have been asked to get involved as this issue was their fashion special (to coincide with London Fashion Week) featuring the likes of Cassette Playa, Jourdan Dunn, Lady GaGa, Daisuke Sakaguchi (a blog about him is soon to come) and plenty of other familiar names and faces.

Check out the shoot below...

I was given a simple brief to interpret in any way I saw fit; Snow Sports, so I flew the whole team to one place that I knew the magical white stuff was guaranteed at that time of year. Moscow. O.K so that's a lie, the furthest I had to travel for the snow was to Hamleys on Oxford street but it really does pass for the real thing.

Photography by Julia Eskell
Styling By Niyi Crown
Models: Alex Prinz and Sophie Raymont
Make Up: Chloé Fiducia
Set Design by Karl Slater
Hair by Magdalena Tucholska
Assistant: Hayley Cox